Enrichment Classes

*Pre-Twinkle families often opt to add another enrichment class to their schedule. This is available for an additional fee.

Twinklegarten Class (ages 2 - 5)

Gather round as we sing, dance, and tell a story. Twinklegarten incorporates elements from Suzuki Early Childhood Education and Suzuki Pre-Twinkle. Twinklegarten students use their voices, play instruments, move their bodies, and hear stories, all while building skills to get them ready for instrumental study. This course will focus on musical skills such as rhythmic and melodic understanding, social interaction, being part of an ensemble, and pre instrumental gross and fine motor skills. Taught by Rachel Fabulich

Songs, Steps, and Stories (ages 5 - 8)

During the week, we will explore our voices and instruments using them for games, movement, and storytelling. Incorporating a wide variety of instruments to accompany ourselves, our group will learn to sing some familiar and new melodies, move our bodies to understand rhythmic patterning, and try out some story telling to bring music to life. We will explore playful music making, with opportunities for expression, using both ensemble training and creative improvisation. Taught by Rachel Fabulich

Dalcroze Eurythmics (ages 7 and up)

Dalcroze explores the foundations of music by engaging students of all ages and levels through playful activities and movement. With world renowned Dalcroze Instructor, Jeremy Dittus improvising at the piano, students will discover new ways of approaching rhythm, ear training, musical expression, and literacy. This hands-on approach addresses a variety of concepts such as meter, tempo, phrase, form and dynamics through purposeful movement, song, and improvisation. Younger students will often learn through imaginative play and stories, etc. Older students might focus on more advanced skills that are necessary for their continued success at their instrument including advanced rhythmic and metric training, collaborative skills, ear training, sight-singing and improvisation using the body, voice, or even at an instrument. Taught by Jeremy Dittus

Orff Class (8 and under)

Orff Schulwerk is a creative music and movement approach developed by German composer Carl Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman. Using a variety of barred and percussion instruments, children develop their musicality with movement, singing, playing and improvisation activities. Taught by Becky Hanaburgh.

Sightsinging (8 - 14)

A class in which you are the instrument! Learn to recognize intervals and sing them, read rhythms, hear written music 'in your head' and train your ears to help with your music making no matter what instrument you play. The most popular part of the class is a game called "Stump You" where the students attempt to recognize melodies in silence with only the use of hand signals. The instructor tries to stump the students but he seldom wins the game! Taught by Tony Antolini.

Folk Dances of the World (ages 9 and up)

Based on compilations such as Dance Music for Children by the Shenanigans, Rhythmically Moving by Phyllis Weikert, and the New England Dancing Masters, this class will get students moving while they experience a variety of dances from the United States and countries around the world. Taught by Becky Hanaburgh.

Fiddle Class (violins, violas and cellos/bk 2 and above, basic reading skills)

Join in at one of two levels – beginning or advanced fiddle. If this is your first or second fiddle experience at NESI, select beginning fiddle. If you are a seasoned fiddler, select advanced fiddle. Learn as many songs prior to the institute. Music does not need to be memorized. Click here to download sheet music and audio. Taught by Kaity Newell.

Musical History Tour (all ages)

Using opera and orchestral masterpieces, take a journey through history and experience music by the great composers. Gain a glimpse into the life, personality, and the time during which each of these composers lived. You will be exposed to the fundamentals of music appreciation as you learn both the vocabulary and substance of this incredible music. By acting out and portraying these stories using costumes, multimedia, and audience participation, Musical History ‘Mystery’ Tours brings the masterpieces to life in a way that is not only fun for children but also memorable and inspiring. Taught by Chuck Speicher.

Black Belt Musicianship (12 and up and book 2 and above)

Black Belt Musicianship is a class dedicated to putting music theory into practice. Students rotate between electric guitar, bass guitar, drum set, and keyboard to interact with musical ideas that allow us to explore rhythm, harmony, melody, and improvisation in a jam session. No previous experience is necessary on any of these instruments as long as the student has experience with book 2 and above. Taught by Chuck Speicher.

Second Instrument Master Class (book 3 and up)

Students book 3 and up who would like to take a secondary instrument master class may do so as one of their chosen enrichment electives. Group/Technique class will be with the primary instrument. There is an additional fee for this elective. This class is not for beginners.