Family Member Participation

Non-Suzuki Sibling Electives

For Parents

Parental participation is essential to the success of the Suzuki method. Parents attend lessons with their children and help them to prepare for the next day's classes. Even though the days are full, the benefit of daily lessons is enhanced when you make the time to practice each day.

Parent Ensemble - For parent players with two to three years of experience, the Parent Ensemble provides a wonderful opportunity to play music with your adult peers. The class will be offered as long as enough registrations are received to make a viable ensemble. All instruments are welcome and are not limited to the instruments we teach at NESI. Directed by Dr. Anthony Antolini.

The Parent Talk - Connect with fellow parents/caregivers and hear from faculty who will answer your questions about how to create an effective and positive practice environment with your child. Gain inspiration from the teachings of Dr Suzuki as well as brainstorm strategies and ideas for guiding our students through their musical journey.

Adult Master Class – Do you wish you could have your own 30 minute lesson daily? Sign up for the new Adult Master Class option for a 30-minute daily master class with one of our instructors. Space is limited. We will not schedule your master class at the same time as your child’s master or group class!