Video Upload Instructions For Chamber Students

All Video Auditions due April 1st

  • Please have your student record his or her most recently polished piece.
  • Clips can be 5 minutes or less in length although you are welcome to send longer videos.
The following are instructions on uploading and sharing (unlisted) videos on YouTube

  1. Create an account if you don't have one.
    1. You can create an account by clicking the "Sign In" button at the top of the page at YouTube, then click the "Create an account" link.
  2. Upload and Share the video
    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click on the "Upload" link at the top of the page
    3. Privacy options are under the "Visibility" heading. Make the video Unlisted. (Unlisted videos cannot be found on a search)
    4. For the video title, please name it your CHILD’S FULL NAME
    5. The description should include the name of the selections played
    6. Watch this YouTube video about how to share Private videos (even though it says private and we ask for unlisted, the instructions apply!): Sharing Private Videos
    7. Enter "nesidirector@gmail.com" as the share recipient